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Why you shouldn’t skimp on your business network equipment

There are many things to consider when setting up your office, but these are the key things you’re going to need to meet the network demands of your business

When it comes to setting up a business network, it’s tempting from a financial perspective to simply go with consumer-grade equipment. But while that might be suitable for the ordinary home, it falls short of what a modern, forward-thinking business needs.

What to look for in a router

Take the most critical element: your router. This gateway is the glue that connects everything in your network together, as well as to the wider internet. So, it’s critical that it meets the different and unique kinds of business demands you won’t find in the home.

First, your router needs to be capable of managing hundreds of simultaneous connections – if not now, then in the future. We’re talking staff computers obviously, but don’t forget mobile devices, your server and other networked equipment too. Many devices will connect wirelessly, so look for a model offering MU-MIMO capabilities to facilitate those connections. These use multiple antennae and help improve performance over greater ranges. That said, don’t forget those devices that require a wired connection. Ensure that your router offers plenty of Ethernet (LAN) ports too. >>Read more


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