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Why touchscreen digital signage points the way to the future

Touchscreen digital signage offers customer interaction on a whole new level – here’s how businesses are making the most of this revolutionary technology.

Touchscreen systems are the next step in the development of digital signage, which is promoting new interactive means for customers and clients in a multitude of business environments. Already well established within the education sector where digital touchscreen whiteboards such as the ASUS SP6540-T are becoming commonplace, touchscreen displays encourage audiences to interact with signage, and offer benefits which can bet tailored for exclusive and specific user needs.

Ordering, and customising a burger at MacDonalds using touchscreen digital signage
Ordering, and customising a burger at McDonald’s

Within the food retail sector, major restaurant chains such as McDonald’s have already begun rolling out a series of touchscreen signage systems, which at first advertise and attract audiences; and then enable these customers to make fast and efficient ordering. McDonald’s claims its wait times have been cut by almost 70 per cent using touchscreen ordering systems. Its customers have also benefited from a ‘build your own burger’ system, which enables customers to order exactly what they please between its famous buns.

The London fusion restaurant, Inamo, has gone one step further, deploying touchscreen displays as customer tables. This has the dual advantage in advertising specials and menu items, and speeding the ordering process. It also encourages customers to reorder throughout the service; for example, ordering more drinks or side plates, or even seconds and deserts.

London restaurant Inamo lets diners order from their digital tables using touchscreen digital signage
London restaurant Inamo lets diners order from their digital tables

The UK retailer Argos implemented touchscreen ordering to its catalogue system earlier in 2015, and has claimed it a success. Not only does it make traditional catalogue ordering faster and simpler – and, states Argos, speeds order picking times by more than 200 per cent – but when not in use it defaults to advertising specials offers and bespoke regional and seasonal marketing messages.

Argos shows offers has touchscreen digital signage in its shops
Argos shows offers and enables touch screen shopping with its displays

Interactive touch based signage isn’t just about ordering food, drink and goods, though. Being able to drill into pertinent and important information is what customers and audiences value most from digital signage, and in way finding systems this is hugely beneficial.

In 2014, New York City’s subway system was the first major organisation to roll-out a touchscreen mapping system. More than 20 of the 47-inch touchscreens have been rolled-out across the subway system, which offer up interactive navigation planners, serve real-time up information on routes to take to get to your chosen destination in the shorts time, and what service disruptions might end up delaying you.

On NYC's subway system you can use touchscreen digital signage to find your way
On NYC’s subway system you can use touchscreen digital signage to find your way

One of the most advanced uses of touchscreen signage is to analyse and store customer data and feedback. Intel’s AIM software suite includes facial recognition software. This monitors and logs each interaction, and determines the users gender and age, as well the duration of the interaction. It can also log more practical information to help aid in positioning of the digital signage –including the number of interactions, distance the user stands from the display and their facial position – all of which can be used to refine the relative positioning of the display for maximum effectiveness.

Intel's AIM suite captures touch screen user data on touchscreen digital signage
Intel’s AIM suite captures touch screen user data


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