Why do you need a ProArt display?

For most employees, a business monitor is enough to cover their daily needs, but there may be those for whom a standard monitor doesn’t quite cut the mustard. Typically, they’re involved in more creative aspects where design and graphics play key roles. Even if your business doesn’t have a dedicated in-house designer or illustrator, there may still be value in investing a single monitor – perhaps for your marketing manager – that gives you the design-friendly features you need.

It’s all about colour rendition

Ultimately a display monitor will stand or fall on its performance, and it’s here the ProArt range delivers. They’ve all been calibrated for colour-accurate reproduction, offer fast response times (no more than 6ms) and support resolutions up to 4K on the 32-inch models.

All displays support the sRGB colour space 100% and are pre-calibrated to ensure they deliver the best accuracy from the moment they’re switched on. Higher-end displays support other standards too, such as Adobe RGB and – in the case of the top-end PA329Q – Rec.709, which is used in video production.

Colour accuracy is improved further thanks to a feature called Low Delta E, which ensures more precise reading of colour inputs. The lower the figure, the better and all ProArt models score less than five – and under two in some cases.



ProArt display

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