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What to look for in your next business laptop

Read on to discover what you need to consider before buying your next business laptop

When it comes to selecting a laptop, you can follow the same rules you’d apply when choosing a desktop PC: spec, storage, connectivity and so on. But you can’t stop there: for example, you wouldn’t just pick a laptop with SSD storage because it’s faster; it’s lighter and more robust too, both critical elements for something you’ll be carrying around.

The physical specs

Make your choice based on how you expect to use the laptop. If you’re frequently on the road – carrying it to and from meetings with clients, for example – then size and weight are critical. Larger screens are both bulky and heavy, so choose a 14-inch display – ASUSPRO models like the B9440UA are cleverly engineered to fit a 14-inch screen in a chassis generally associated with a smaller display. It’s perfectly designed to slip easily into your briefcase or carry bag, and also light enough – at barely a kilogram – to avoid weighing you down on long trips.

Of course, travel can take its toll on both you and your devices, which is why a business laptop needs to be durable. ASUSPRO models are housed in an all-metal magnesium alloy chassis that’s graded to US military standards (MIL-STD 810G). Not only do they undergo rigorous testing, but they designed for more challenging environments and capable of surviving shocks, drops and spills.

Your laptop also needs a decent battery – one that will enable you to work for hours without access to a power socket. ASUSPRO laptops can run for up to ten hours off a single charge, which should be ample. They also support fast charging, capable of restoring up to 50% of the battery in just 30 minutes. Handy for those times when you only have brief access to power – say during a presentation or lunch meeting. >>Read more


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