Why vehicle digital signage carries more impact

With the explosion of digital signage, adverts are becoming more dynamic as buses, taxis and other vehicles get a 21st century advertising upgrade through vehicle digital signage and large format displays.

vehicle digital signage

Inside outside
In large metropolises, such and New York and London, vehicle digital displays are a common sight on yellow and black cabs – both inside and outside of the vehicle. For passengers, smaller format displays are being used to sell advertising spaces to events companies and local restaurants as well as tourist attractions. These scrolling displays mean that several different inventories, all aimed at different types of passenger, can be deployed. So, for example, taxis that ferry tourists from airports to city centres can display tourist attraction information as well as sight-seeing and other businesses. Meanwhile, cabs that are working during the business rush hour in financial districts can advertise new restaurants and conference centres.

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vehicle digital signage

On the outside of cabs, advertising loops can be sold by the second. In NYC, Verifone Media sells adverting space in 15 second slots. Smart geographical zoning of the cab’s route, as well as the time of day enable cab companies to sell tailored ad spaces to local businesses. In the UK, BrightMove Media offers its TaxiCast technology to around 50 black cabs, which enables advertisers and agencies to access centrally controlled, geo and time targeted digital advertising on the streets of London.

vehicle digital signage

Get on the bus
Vehicle digital signage advertising is beginning to take-off with buses, too. By shifting to large format displays, bus companies can increase advertising revenues, including them on bus stops, and target routes with specific local messages and adverts. In NYC, large format media specialists, Carisma runs The Stage – a digital double decker bus packing a 27-foot wide by 6.5-foot tall LED screen that steams both still and video imagery.

Haulage company rules have recently been relaxed in the UK, allowing lorries to carry advertising signage – including digital. And in a few years time, it’ll not be uncommon to see delivery drones packing digital displays, advertising businesses and services in the same way local transport companies do today.

Public service
Advertising isn’t the only format vehicle digital signage can take, though. Again in the US, police and ambulance vehicles have already begun experimenting with digital displays that deliver public information and emergency instructions to the public. Digital signage is on the move, it seems.


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