holographic displays in digital marketing

How to use holographic displays in digital marketing

Meet the companies who are setting out to wow their customers using holographic displays in digital marketing and digital signage.

Marketing using digital signage has proven itself to be a great way of capturing customer interest and boosting sales, so it’s no surprise that companies are pushing big bucks at developing even more eye-catching digital displays. At the front of this curve, one of the most striking ways to improve on the impact of digital signage is the jump from 2D displays to 3D holographic presentations. What’s more, recent technology advances mean that the price and inconvenience of creating and showing off holographic displays has been very much reduced, putting it in reach of smaller companies and agencies.

High impact digital marketing

Take Kino-mo, for example, who is working on portable holographic displays perfect for creating point-of-sale impact wherever you want. What better way of grabbing attention for your product or service than a big colourful 3D hologram floating in mid-air?

holographic displays in digital marketing
3D sales messages are very hard for consumers to ignore, and come with added wow factor.

Discover the digital signage that could help your business stand out from the crowd

Dramatic 3D displays are perfect for creating brand awareness or getting a sales message across, having both the wow factor and the novelty to make people stop and stare. And, if your display is impressive enough for them to take a film of it on their phone and send it to their friends or post it on social media, you will be spreading your message much further afield than just the display space.

Location specific digital marketing

Kino-mo can also take your digial message on the road, literally. It has technology that can project your digital advert on to the wheels of bikes, providing street level promos of your wares. This means you can, quite literally, get your message wherever you physically want it to go, informing local people of, and attracting people to, your store opening, event or product launch close by.

holographic displays in digital marketing

Take your 3D digital message to your audience by bike power

Interactive 3D digital signage

Some people are going even further with holographic digital displays, allowing the customer to interact with their display (and allowing brands to create a splash on social media as well as where the display is happening). One such campaign by creative media agency Joint using technology developed by a company called Holo-Gauze achieved this very impressively for the UK TV launch of the television series Almost Human. Passers-by in a street in Soho, London were confronted with a holographic display of an almost human android and were invited to tweet commands for the android to perform. You can see the results for yourself.

Holo-Gauze works by projecting the 3D images onto an invisible material, so it is relatively simple to set up, and the impact, as you can see, can have the desired effect. When you think this holographic technique has already been used to allow Michael Flattley to have a dance off against himself and for immense 3D holographic displays to be used as teaching aids in lecture halls, it’s clear this way of grabbing people’s attention offers many possibilities to any digital marketers from event organisers to shop window display teams.

So if you are already impressed by what 2D digital signage is doing for your brand and products, maybe it’s time to start looking at adding an extra dimension!

Image credits: Holo-Gauze, Joint London and Kino-mo

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