How to upgrade a server to boost performance

There comes a time in every business server’s life where it’s no longer fit for purpose. Rather than throw the old one out and start again, upgrade a server and you’ll find that it can be a cost-effective and efficient way of prolonging a server’s life while meeting your business requirements.

In this article, we’re looking at the types of upgrades that you can make to your servers and the benefits of each. Most servers, such as the Asus range of rack and desktop models, have plenty of room for upgrades.


RAM doesn’t make your server run applications quicker, but more memory has several benefits. First, it means that more applications can be held in memory at once, which can be beneficial for high-load servers or those used in virtualisation. Secondly, more RAM makes it faster for servers to handle large datasets and perform complicated processing.

If your servers are maxed out and don’t have any spare memory (or you’re actively getting error messages), more RAM can give you that breathing space that you need.

Depending on how much RAM came with your servers, it’s likely that you’ll have free slots. Check your server’s manual and support site carefully to see the amount and type of RAM that’s supported. >>Read more


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