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Tips and tricks to help you set up the perfect server room

If your business relies on a local server rather than the cloud, you need somewhere to site all that server equipment so it’s not in the way. Here are some tips to help you set up the perfect server room.

While it’s tempting to simply allocate part of an open-plan office to a server, a dedicated room is more secure and a deterrent against theft and tampering. It can also be soundproofed and ensures that all of your hardware is situated in one central spot.

Choose the right equipment

Those looking for a dedicated server room are likely to be housing a fair bit of equipment. Smaller setups might make do with PC-like tower configurations stacked on a desk or shelf. But any future expansion to such a setup will likely be haphazard and messy. There will also be issues surrounding adequate cooling and security if you take this route.

So, consider switching to more effective, rack-mounted equipment. Rack servers like ASUS’s RS300-E9-RS4 and ESC8000 G3 are stacked like trays in open racks or enclosed cabinets. They’re designed to be easy to access – simply slide individual units out to repair, upgrade or swap them out for newer equipment.

The advantage of cabinets is that they’re more secure, while open racks are better for general heat dissipation. However, look for specialist intelligent cooling cabinets that can save energy by removing the need for expensive AC solutions (see below). Whichever approach you choose, make sure that it has more slots than you currently need, to cover any future expansion plans.

Equipment can be mounted to both the front and rear of the rack, so make sure any network switches are mounted at the rear to avoid having to run cables through the rack to the front. >>Read more


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