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Check out the six most popular stories of 2017

2017 was a busy year for all aspects of business technology, so we’ve rounded up the six most popular articles from the site during last 12 months. If you missed them, why not check to what our readers found most useful (and see if your favourite articles made the cut).

Digital signage outdoor advice: go big and go bold

6.Digital signage outdoor advice: 8 al fresco tips

When done right, your outdoor digital signage will heighten engagement and fit seamlessly into your environment. Get it wrong, though, and you could end up displaying a 50-inch error message. Follow some simple digital signage outdoor advice, and you’ll be ready for any eventuality.

In this post we caught up with Sophie Barfield, who works at AwesomeWall, to get her top digital signage outdoor tips. AwesomeWall enables you to present user-generated content, such as Tweets and Instagram photos, onto displays of all sizes.

5. Digital signage for schools: 8 pro tips

Implementing digital signage for schools has become increasingly important as the student body moves to a more digitally-focused way of managing their time (as well as having an increased use of technology when it comes to interacting with their classmates, teachers, lecturers, and administrations). A paper-based noticeboard just doesn’t cut it anymore.

But with so many potential applications out there, how do you ensure that you focus in the right areas for your needs? In this post we’ve provided some tips on the best ways to utilise digital signage in schools, as well as taking a closer look at how one school went about updating how it uses displays to better inform and educate its students.

4. 15 ways to wow customers with a digital signage menu board

A digital signage menu board is essential in the world of out-of-home dining, particularly in quick service restaurants (QSRs). And with fast food chains offering an ever-growing range, to an increasingly time-conscious clientele, effective menu communication should be a vital part of any restaurant’s business strategy.

In this post we reveal ways to improve your menu boards, including five pieces of advice from Chris Shenton, Head of Research at Pixel Inspiration. Pixel Inspiration works with a range of QSR and dining-focussed clients, including Pret, Itsu, Harry Ramsden, Barburrito, Debenhams Café, Carluccio’s and Waitrose.

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