tablets as PoS devices

How using tablets as PoS devices make sense for SMEs

Power of the cloud- in your hand

The core enabling innovation behind these services, however, is the tablet-based app with it’s secure connection to the enormous power of cloud infrastructure.

Without being tied to large, costly and maintenance-heavy server hardware, this has allowed business users to use the smallest of client devices to control complex infrastructure with relative ease.

Powerful devices are also a vital part of the puzzle, and while Apple’s iPad may have been the catalyst for the tablet PC market we see today, there are many comparable devices that will deliver a complete enterprise package in the palm of your hand.

One vital detail here is to be able to lock the device into ‘kiosk mode’ so that only the dedicated business apps are running. ASUS M Series tablets are specifically designed for business use and come preloaded with ASUS’s ASUS Device Admin for Mobile (ADAM) remote management tool.

ADAM enables system administrators to locally and remotely manage multiple ZenPad M Series devices, such as blocking selected ports for security reasons and enabling or disabling specific wireless technologies, depending on the application.

Perhaps most importantly, admins can lock or remotely wipe all data from a device, protecting not only the business data itself but also the extended supply chain from an attack in the event of device theft or loss.

Data, data everywhere

The combination of these factors is visible everywhere, from retail to hospitality, digital payment options are proliferating. Increasingly integrated EPoS systems on tablet PCs, seamlessly connected to both upstream and downstream supply chains.

It’s not too much of an extrapolation to imagine the value of additional ‘intelligence’ layered on top of these networks, whether bundling together similar services for cost-savings or aggregating products into bulk orders, the value of business data is only going to increase, especially for SMEs.

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