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Seven powerful Chrome digital signage apps

When it comes to creating content for your digital signage there are many tools to choose from. One of the easiest ways to do it is with Chrome digital signage apps on the Google Chrome platform.

As easy to use as all of Google’s tools, the Chrome platform is affordable, reliable and highly flexible – plus there are all manner of Chrome digital signage apps to choose from. When coupled with hardware such as the ASUS Chromebox CN62 it is simple to get a professional digital signage solution set up in next to no time.



11Giraffes is a web-based content management system for digital signage. Images can be added in much the same way as you upload images to social media or for presentations. Added to this you don’t even need to make sure that your media files are the right format,  as 11Giraffes will convert them for you.
All of your content can then be scheduled using the same interface, and you can run multiple displays in multiple locations using just the one, browser-based interface.


As the name suggests, Appspace is built around an app that enables you to place content to not only digital signage, but also on PCs and even mobile devices.
With an easy-to-use interface it has built in templates so that anyone can create good looking content. In addition to this it has features to support design professionals for those essential, dynamic displays that just have to wow audiences. It also supports video, both live and pre-recorded.

Chrome digital signage apps


Another fully featured content management suite, Arreya includes what it calls its Creative Suite, which again is suitable for all levels. It has templates for creating more basic layouts, but then also has the ability to import designs or you can design directly into the app itself. Arreya also features a number of widgets so that you can easily add things like maps, galleries, video and live feeds.
Touchscreen functionality is something that many screens now feature and with Arreya you can add multi-touch features to your content for added interactivity.


Content for digital signage doesn’t always have to be serious, with NoviSign you have the ability to add games to your displays. This is an ideal option for screens placed in waiting rooms. All people have to do is to scan the QR code onscreen and they can then play against anyone else who is waiting too. So much better than reading three-year-old magazines.
However, if you don’t want people playing noughts and crosses on your screens it does offer the ability to run content from your social media channels as well and has a drag and drop interface for quickly creating your content, which can be updated remotely no matter how many screens you have.

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As well as supporting the Chrome OS, SkyKit fully supports content platforms and tools that users will already use such as Google Drive. Not only can you upload content directly from your Drive into the interface, if you need to make a change you simply do it in your Drive and the content is automatically updated.

Chrome digital signage apps
SkyKit supports multi-zone layouts and enables you to choose what content you want to put in each of the different areas. Once the content is all added to your playlists you can then publish it to whichever screens you want.


One of the longest standing solutions on the market, Signagelive is a cloud-based solution but it can also be used offline. This way should your internet connection fail for any reason your screens won’t go blank. As with the other tools it is fully scalable and features the ability to add video, feeds, split the areas of the screen and schedule content.
A potential concern that some people have about cloud-based solutions is security. Signalive though prides itself on being penetration tested regularly so your signs should be safe from hackers.
Another cool feature is the ability to analyse all manner of data for your systems such as what is being shown where and when. You can also tell if any screens go down for any reason and manage them remotely.


StratosMedia software enables you to deliver content to multiple devices and platforms effectively and efficiently. With StratosMedia, a watch, car, phone, screen, computer and even beacons are all seen as communication points and are then treated as one.
StratosMedia is a fast, scalable and secure hybrid cloud platform that encompasses multiple inter-linked solutions, that claims to be in tune with how businesses communicate with people and devices in real-time.
The platform offers business intelligence in the form of real-time bi-directional data, business analytics and data visualization. It also features audience tracking and counting, age and gender analytics, smartphone and RF analytics. Finally you can even use it to manage IoT device communication so that you can connect with people and devices in real-time.

No matter what size your digital signage project is, using hardware using the Google Chrome platform and Chrome digital signage apps will mean you have the setup that fits your needs.
If you’re looking to install a digital signage solution using the Google Chrome platform, why not speak to an expert at ASUS today and find out how they can help you?




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