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How to get started with school cafeteria digital signage

Technology in education isn’t just limited to the classroom, it is increasingly being used in many areas such as with school cafeteria digital signage.

The days of unappetising school dinners have long gone. But as schools grow in size, cafeterias have had to adapt and become more efficient. After all, it can be tricky to process large numbers of children in a limited timeframe – typically during break times as well as lunch.

From providing information about what’s on the school menu to helping to reduce the length of queues with smart PoS and self-service terminals, there are plenty of ways in which you can exploit technology to improve a cafeteria’s efficiency and productivity.

Advertise your wares

One obvious benefit of a digital signage solution is that it’s dynamic. You can easily update it with the latest data, whether that’s providing information about school opening times, what’s available on the menu or advertising the daily special.

Choose a display like those in the ASUS SA Series and you get an industrial-grade, energy efficient panel that’s designed to deliver reliable operation and economical running costs. These screens give you lots of options as they can be wall-mounted in portrait or landscape orientation.

These SA Series displays come equipped with all the tools you need to deliver eye-catching messaging, including a built-in Android OS and pre-installed ASUS SignArrange software. The latter offers a user-friendly way to design and play content from a series of templates, using content that can either be stored locally (on a USB thumb drive or an SD card), or pulled remotely from a network folder.

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