prevent network bottlenecks

Prevent network bottlenecks and improve your internet connection

You’ll find these controls on your ASUS router under ‘General > Adaptive QoS’. Start by visiting the Bandwidth Monitor section to monitor device usage. Here, you’ll be able to identify bottlenecks, either persistently offending devices, certain types of traffic, or even specific times when issues arise.

Armed with this information, you’ll be able to apply hard limits for each user using the Bandwidth Limiter tool. Limits can be applied universally, to a range of IP addresses or to individual devices based on their MAC addresses. Once you’ve selected your target, just enter fixed download and upload limits.

Get your priorities right

This approach is rather inflexible, but ASUS routers allow you to apply softer limits instead. This is done by assigning different levels of priority to each networked device, as well as different types of internet usage (such as web browsing, FTP, streaming or VoIP). Five priority levels are available, ranging from Highest to Lowest, and they can be configured to only come into play when more important users or activities (such as that video conference meeting) need the bandwidth.

To fine-tune these settings, start by clicking the ‘Enable Smart QoS’ switch. Two types of QoS are available: adaptive and traditional, the latter providing more advanced controls for those who need them. From here you can set different bandwidth limits for each level of priority, including a minimum amount of reserved bandwidth so lower priority users and internet services can still function, albeit at much slower speeds.

By following these tips, you can ensure that everyone receives a solid level of network performance without slowing down other people’s connections and disrupting business productivity.

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