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Powering digital signage from a Chromebit micro PC

Digital signage technology can be complex and expensive, with individual units costing in the region of £500 and upward. Yet with the introduction of the Asus Chromebit micro PC, enterprise-class digital signage is available for retailers, corporations and other businesses for less than £100. For this small initial outlay, businesses can benefit from a fully managed, secure and scaleable digital signage solution.

Simple management
Google announced the launch of the Chromebit micro-PC with ASUS as its official manufacturing partner. The ASUS Chrombit CS10 is the result – a powerful, compact micro PC that plugs in to any HDMI-equipped monitor, TV, or large format digital display, instantly turning it into a powerful PC running Google’s Chrome OS. It performs just as well as a bespoke small form factor PC, such as the ASUS Chromebox CN62, with the addition of a wireless keyboard and mouse connected via Bluetooth – and excels in Chrome Kiosk mode as a digital signage driver. A wireless network enables individual Chromebits used in digital signage to be managed remotely via the included Single App Chrome Device Management License and a freely available content management service.


Power packed
ASUS has packed a raft of powerful technologies and features into the slimline Chromebit CS10 – featuring 2GB or RAM, 16GB of storage plus 100GB of cloud-based storage, and 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wireless and Bluetooth V4.0 connectivity. Whether your business needs are to transform a TV or large format display into a smart digital signage solution, easily create an in-store kiosk, or turn a series of screens into smart wayfinding devices, the Chromebit CS10 is an affordable solution that’s easy to manage content for, and is easily scalable. Large format touchscreen digital displays, such as the ASUS SP6540T-65 are also supported to provide even more more engaging user interactions.


Business benefits
The ASUS Chromebit CS10 can serve as an internet kiosk in airports, hotels, and tourism centres, and can be managed and updated remotely. By installing a Chromebit to an existing digital display, businesses can create their own interactive displays by turning on a managed session in Kiosk mode to allow users to securely browse the internet and interact with retail sites and online tools; and remote management means users are logged out securely after a specified time or even have their browsing restricted to specific sites. Wireless printing support also enables business users to print out order forms, tickets, event schedules and more. There are numerous consumer markets that benefit from such interactive display solutions, and with such a simple, easy to manage solution available in the form of Chromebit micro PCs, it’s something no business can afford to ignore.

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