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business projector
What to look for in your next portable business projector
What should you be looking for when purchasing a business projector? In this guide we’ll run through the key points you need to consider when looking for the perfect hardware.
How does a business motherboard upgrade save you money?
When work computers are starting to age and performance dips, disposing of existing PCs and replacing them with brand new models can prove pricey. So why not upgrade them instead?
video conferencing room
How to set up the perfect video conferencing room
Whether you’re looking to add video conferencing to one or all your meeting rooms, it pays to choose the right setup for that room.
tips for digital signage success
Updated – Drive Christmas retail with these digital signage tips
How to create great content for the Christmas period that drives sales and boosts engagement
business motherboards
Enjoy better security, reliability and simplified management with a business motherboard
Just as with everything else in business, you need to make sure that all your IT hardware is business-grade. It starts with business motherboards inside your PCs
best Wi-Fi for the modern office
How to choose the best Wi-Fi for the modern office
The modern office is changing with few people connecting to networks physically anymore, every company needs the best Wi-Fi for the modern office it can have. 
business need a server
Does your business need a server?
In modern business surely the cloud is all you need? Or is it, perhaps you need to ask yourself, does your business need a server instead?
thin client
5 reasons for choosing thin clients over desktop PCs
Why choose a thin client over a more fully functional desktop computer? This infographic reveals the benefits of choosing thin clients over desktop PCs
business monitors
How business monitors could reduce staff sick days
The way people use laptops can be bad for their health, find out how supplying workers with second business monitors can ease their pains
stay online when your internet connection fails
How to stay online when your internet connection fails
Internet downtime doesn’t have to be crippling, but staying productive offline does require some planning. Here's how to stay online when your internet connection fails