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What to look for in your first Azure Stack Cloud HCI system
Why choose between cloud and on-site servers when you can combine the best of both worlds? That’s the promise of Microsoft’s new Azure Stack HCI solution
single-app kiosk mode
How to set up your Chromebook in single-app kiosk mode
Chrome-based devices are very useful for many things and in this guide, we’ll step you through the process of taking your Chromebox and configuring it for use in public places
business network equipment
Why you shouldn’t skimp on your business network equipment
There are many things to consider when setting up your office, but these are the key things you’re going to need to meet the network demands of your business
right storage medium
How to pick the right storage medium for your needs
Let’s embark on a quick tour of the types of storage that are available, which will work best so that you can pick the right storage medium for your business
perfect server room
Tips and tricks to help you set up the perfect server room
If your business relies on a local server rather than the cloud, you need somewhere to site all that server equipment so it’s not in the way. Here are some tips to help you set up the perfect server room
How stylish mini-PCs and touchscreen displays met one company’s PoS demands
Find out why the Al Fresco Group chooses ASUS to power the point-of-sale systems for their growing restaurant brands in Vietnam
business laptop
What to look for in your next business laptop
Read on to discover what you need to consider before buying your next business laptop
business tablet
8 different and innovative uses for a business tablet
There’s a lot to recommend tablets in the business environment, but where can you best insert a business tablet into the workplace?
laptop or tablet
What’s the best for working away from the office – laptop or tablet?
If you’re a regular business traveller or shuttle between multiple work locations, what’s the best portable device to carry with you – laptop or tablet?
manage its mobile devices remotely
How your business can better manage its mobile devices remotely
Find out what your business needs to do to better manage its mobile devices remotely from laptops to tablets to save time and improve security