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thin client
5 reasons for choosing thin clients over desktop PCs
Why choose a thin client over a more fully functional desktop computer? This infographic reveals the benefits of choosing thin clients over desktop PCs
business monitors
How business monitors could reduce staff sick days
The way people use laptops can be bad for their health, find out how supplying workers with second business monitors can ease their pains
stay online when your internet connection fails
How to stay online when your internet connection fails
Internet downtime doesn’t have to be crippling, but staying productive offline does require some planning. Here's how to stay online when your internet connection fails
work in the cloud
Make sure your network is ready to work in the cloud
With so many business functions now relying on the cloud, it’s essential that your network infrastructure supports you being able to work in the cloud
Why do you need a ProArt display?
Ultimately a display monitor will stand or fall on its performance, so the ProArt display range has been calibrated for colour-accurate reproduction, offer fast response times and support resolutions up to 4K.
How to boost your office network with link and WAN aggregation
Aggregation is a networking term for using two connections in parallel. There are two principal uses for aggregation worth exploring here: WAN aggregation and link aggregation.
Girl holding small PC
Five ways a mini PC can boost your business
Find out how small computers, such as mini PCs can deliver big results for businesses
4K and beyond – what screen resolution do you need for your digital signage?
When choosing digital signage, although 4K displays are starting to come through in volume, what about 8K?
Projection mapping – How to turn any surface into a clever display
Projectors have far more flexibility than you might think and can be used to bring objects to life thanks to a new technology called projection mapping
How fast does your business Wi-Fi need to be?
Demands on business networks have dramatically increased, both due to an increase in devices and an increase in data-driven applications. So how fast does your business Wi-Fi need to be?