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How large format displays are changing the ways schools communicate
Discover why large format displays are appearing outside the classroom – encouraging staff, students and visitors to interact with engaging, consistent and relative information
large format displays in cinemas
Cinema screening with large format displays
Movie chains are using large format displays in cinemas within foyers and outside auditoriums as point of sale devices for infotainment and advertising
Driving digital signage with mini-PCs
Mini-PCs are the perfect option for businesses that recognise the value of large format digital displays, but don’t have the need nor budget to invest in a full network of screens.
consumer displays
Five reasons why consumer displays don’t work for digital signage
Here’s just five reasons why opting for a dedicated digital signage display beats consumer options every time.
9 reasons to adopt digital signage – infographic
When it comes to adopting digital signage, some companies can be reluctant but there are many reasons to adopt digital signage.
How digital signage is improving health services
Digital signage in healthcare facilities is proving beneficial to practitioners, staff and patients – not just in delivering information, but in educating and instructing too
digital signage placement
Where to place your digital signage for maximum effectiveness
Smart screen placement can be the difference between making an impact and your calls-to-action going unnoticed – both inside and outside the store
digital signage with audio
Why retailers are adding audio to digital signage
Although primarily a visual medium, research suggests digital signage with audio can significantly enhance sales and advertising messages
Multi-touch displays in the workplace
Multitouch large format displays are becoming increasingly popular with businesses for the added efficiencies, collaborative opportunities and interactivity they offer.
real-time data feeds
Enhancing digital signage with real-time data feeds
Content for digital signage doesn’t have to only support products or brand messages – you can enhance customer engagement with a range of real-time data feeds