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Three ways to deliver outdoor digital signage campaigns with impact

With a range of weather-proofing solutions available for large format digital displays, outdoor digital signage is no longer just the preserve of dedicated providers and advertising agencies. Smaller businesses can now make an impact outdoors too, but they need to bear in mind the following points in order to deliver outdoor content with impact.

outdoor digital signage

Make the content work
Digital signage outdoor options reach audiences that are not naturally engaged with your offering or service. Rather than being in-store, where they may be browsing for products, outdoor relies on capturing an audience’s attention from a zero tolerance level. According to retail research data, audiences are 77 per cent more likely to engage with content if its animated, rather than scrolling or static digital messaging.

outdoor digital signage

Make it interactive
Utilising BTL, Beacon and other near field communications technologies, you can grab audience attention via their mobile devices. Inviting passing audiences to interact with a large format digital display is five times more likely to create a customer interaction.
To promote the release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in Australia, a network of digital displays equipped with tap or scan mobile technology offered audiences the chance to win a shopping voucher or the film on DVD, simply by passing their mobile device across the display using NFC and QR technologies.

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Don’t forget context and surroundings
The most effective outdoor digital signage content makes use of its placement and often interacts with it. Rather than blending in to its surroundings, digitally animated content that adds a unique perspective or a clever twist is more likely to engage audiences. Pepsi’s celebrated augmented reality bus stop in Oxford Street is a great example of how to turn advertising in to an experience; while Land Rover’s Hibernot campaign added simple twists to existing views.

outdoor digital signage

Roadside (28%), London Underground (24%) and bus (18%) spaces are the top digital-out-of-home (DOOH) formats at present, but with more affordable and more creative campaigns, small businesses and specialist retailers are set to reap the benefits of large format digital advertising outdoors.


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