Multi-touch displays in the workplace

Today’s generation of workers are used to multi-touch technology and multi-touch displays are becoming increasingly popular with businesses for the added efficiency, collaborative opportunities and interactivity they offer. Here are just some ways in which multi-touch screens are enhancing the office environment.

Collaborative meeting tools
Business meetings are being transformed by large format multi-touch displays. These allow attendees and those presenting to treat screens like a collaborative canvas. Institutions such as accounting firm KPMG and the Institute of Fiscal Studies have installed large format multi-touch displays to encourage collaborative thinking and discussion, and veer away from the single-person presentation.

multi-touch displays

For workers
Research from Intel suggests that touchscreens are not only more intuitive, but also increase productivity by a startling 20 per cent. Whether it’s cycling through spreadsheets, working with 3D CAD models, or making call centres and sales environments more efficient, multi-touch screens enable users to interact more rapidly and more naturally with on-screen data. Multi-touch screens deliver capabilities that a keyboard and mouse cannot, in enabling users to access multiple tabs and apps at once. So, for instance, call centre workers can quickly consult a database and check inventory data, all while on a VOIP call.

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Larger office blocks and working environments are already using multi-touch screens to help visitors find their way around. Google’s Mountain View HQ famously enables visitors to locate specific people within the building, and receive directions to where they are in real-time. Multi-touch systems enable visitors and workers to book meeting rooms, receive car parking information, and even find directions to toilet facilities, canteens and other areas of interest

Interactive video conferencing
How many times has a video conference descended into farce as someone attempts to hold a laptop up to the screen to share a spreadsheet or design mock-up? While higher resolution monitors coupled with HD cameras mean this isn’t impossible, multi-touch monitors offer a far richer integration by enabling users to open and position additional windows on-screen. This results in a hybrid of presentation and video call, meaning both the physical audience and those on the other end of the call can all see information clearly.

Touchscreen reception
Many larger offices and public sector buildings have even done away with the traditional reception desk, and installed touchscreen displays that enable visitors to quickly check-in for meetings and contact staff to let them know of their arrival. Software services such as Alice Reception offer products that neatly integrate a messaging, video call, conferencing and virtual receptionist into a single package.

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