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How stylish mini-PCs and touchscreen displays met one company’s PoS demands

The solution

ASUS was uniquely able to meet the needs of The Al Fresco’s Group by offering the professional, full-service experience that the company was looking for, combined with the perfect products. After an expert assessment of the challenge, ASUS identified the pain points and offered the VivoMini VC66 mini PC combined with the VT168H touch monitor as the foundation of The Al Fresco’s Group’s new PoS system.

“ASUS offered the dedicated products we needed to overcome the business challenges we encountered in Vietnam,” said Mr. Peter Jones, Director of The Al Fresco’s Group. “The VivoMini VC66 was a total surprise when it came to the performance it offered from such a compact computer.”

The VC66 was ideal because it features a desktop-grade Intel Core i7 processor in an upgrade-friendly design. This allowed the IT department to source the best desktop CPU to align with its business strategy. Memory and storage in the VC66 are also simple to upgrade, while the mini PC’s modular design allows for further expansion opportunities, such as an optional optical storage drive or additional main storage, should the business require them in the future. And thanks to the compact and stylish 2L chassis, the VC66 offers the modern aesthetic that The Al Fresco’s Group wanted.

Similarly, the ASUS VT168H touch monitor also offered the stylish aesthetic that was required to fulfill the brief, while its compact, 15.6-inch 10-point touch-screen panel was perfect for PoS applications. Combined with the VivoMini VC66, this new solution from ASUS was not only more powerful and reliable than the previous all-in-one (AIO) PoS system, but it meant that The Al Fresco’s Group no longer had to compromise by using bulky, less stylish AIO systems in their restaurants.


“The VT168H touch monitor is a great product for our PoS solution since it saves us space,” added Mr. Jones.

The Al Fresco’s Group was extremely satisfied with the expert knowledge, professional service and aftercare that ASUS provided and plans future collaborations.

The products

VivoMini VC66
VivoMini VC66-C


VT168H Touch Monitor
VT229H Touch Monitor point-of-sale


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