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How stylish mini-PCs and touchscreen displays met one company’s PoS demands

This is why the Al Fresco Group chooses ASUS to power the point-of-sale systems for their growing restaurant brands in Vietnam.

Finding a reliable and powerful point-of-sale (PoS) system that is also stylish enough to fit into a modern restaurant environment is a challenge that many hospitality businesses face. Often the products simply don’t meet the requirements of such a fast-paced industry. Or they have industrial designs that look out-of-place in modern restaurants, making it hard to find a vendor that can offer a total solution, from consultation to implementation.

This was the precise problem faced by The Al Fresco’s Group, a company with a range of restaurant brands across Vietnam, offering unpretentious, high-quality food, value-for-money and friendly service in comfortable and casual environments. Trading since 1996, The Al Fresco’s Group has carefully expanded their restaurant operations from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City and most recently to Hoi An. But the company found it almost impossible to source a PoS solution to meet their growing needs.

The opportunity

The Al Fresco’s Group had a number of key requirements for a PoS system, which the IT department had so far been unable to find available on the market. The system needed to be stylish and space-saving so that it would fit well with the attractive restaurant environments. But crucially, it also had to be upgradable and easy to maintain. This was so that the IT department could upgrade key components over time to ensure that performance could be optimised, and so that repairs and upgrades could be performed quickly on-site with no downtime.

Unfortunately, the vendors that The Al Fresco’s Group contacted initially were unable to offer a cost-effective solution that met these key requirements. In many cases, the vendors simply lacked the technical knowledge required to properly understand the problem and couldn’t offer a solution that ticked all the boxes. In other cases, vendors were unable to offer a professional end-to-end service, from consultation to implementation, meaning that different aspects of the project would need to be outsourced to multiple vendors, adding unwanted costs and complications. However, the most common theme throughout the tender process was a lack of suitable products – the vendors could simply not offer a stylish, reliable, high-performance PoS system that was also upgradable. >>Read more



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