work in the cloud

Make sure your network is ready to work in the cloud

work in the cloud

Fast and far

Providing your workforce with a reliable, low-latency connection to their cloud services requires a high-quality, business-focused Wi-Fi router that has been designed to handle high-bandwidth workloads and multiple concurrent users. The ASUS BRT-AC828 is a business router that has been designed with these challenges firmly in mind. Whereas many standard routers can only communicate with a single user at any one time, the BRT-AC828 supports MU-MIMO (Multiple-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output) and can manage up to 250 simultaneous connections, making it ideally suited to offices with large numbers of staff working in the cloud.

Performance is also ensured thanks to the 4×4 (4-transmit, 4-receive) configuration, which provides up to 2,534 Mbps of combined bandwidth for connected wireless devices. And with dual-WAN inputs that can be teamed for an aggregated WAN throughput of 2Gbps, you can be confident that staff hours are not being wasted waiting for data to transfer. The four flexible, high-gain antennas also ensure coverage of up to 100m on the 2.4GHz band in open-plan offices, while modern office appliances with 802.11ac Wi-Fi, such as the VivoMini UN65, can enjoy the benefits of a higher-bandwidth and less congested 5GHz connection.

Reliable networking

With so many business functions now relying on the cloud, it’s essential to ensure that your network infrastructure is matched to the needs of your workforce. Supporting your ISP service with a high-performance business router that can handle the heavy demands of a busy, cloud office means that you can forget about internet gremlins and simply focus on growing your revenue.

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