How to use large format displays in corporate communications

There are many ways that businesses can make use of large format displays in corporate communications, in fact they are being used more and more, and not just as reception area distractions.

Increasingly, businesses are using larger displays as key information drivers, to broadcast branded channels, to show off their business success stories, and to communicate and educate staff and customers alike. In short, a new phase of corporate communication is being engendered, driven largely by smartly designed content appearing on carefully placed large format displays.

In reception areas, utilising large format displays to impress visiting customers and clients is already a popular and well-served strategy, with businesses using screens to share company statistics, performance metrics and news. Yet many businesses are going a stage further, and using these areas to show off their company personnel, working environments and corporate culture to visiting audiences.

As well as people, products are getting more airtime too. Creative and design-led businesses have found success in broadcasting case studies and recent projects, combined with video of client feedback and audience reaction – reinforcing the businesses’ expertise to visitors.

Internal TV channels work like the company magazines of yesteryear – to the employees this content educates and celebrates areas of the business they might not otherwise know of, while to external visitors and clients it shows off the company’s expertise through case studies, interviews and examples of successful projects.

Large format displays in corporate communications

For internal corporate communications, large format displays have found two primary purposes: educating and celebrating. For example, should a business have various regional branches or franchises and need to communicate with them regularly, then each location can be broadcast to directly. So a CEO’s monthly message, or virtual ‘floor meeting’ can take place remotely, in real-time, without the need to transport staff to a central location, or relay the message down the managerial chain.

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Large format displays in corporate communications

Similarly staff training and sales and product updates can be communicated in one fell swoop. New product launches and staff education can take place centrally, meaning store teams nationwide will be provided with the same information and instructions no matter where they are. The uniformity of these strategies is an obvious hit with a sales-driven businesses, enabling promotions and special drives to be implemented quickly and easily.

For non-customer facing businesses, staff can benefit from internal display communications in a number of ways. such as way-finding and meeting room booking times and agendas, which businesses are already implementing large format displays for. Screens can also be used to replace or supplement the company Intranet; for example to promote employee initiatives, charity fundraising events, job postings and even for staff to advertise items for sale or swap.

Large format displays in corporate communications

Health and safety is another area where rapid deployment of near instant staff messaging has been successful. From basic messaging, such as announcing that a particular area requires hard-hats or other protective clothing, to giving emergency instructions and direction in the case of fire.

Ultimately, forward-thinking businesses are realising that there are many uses for large format displays in corporate communications whether that be internal or external – no matter what the message.

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