How large format displays are changing the ways schools communicate

Technology is now common place in education with LCD displays and digital whiteboards in the classroom, now though you will now also see large format displays in schools. Increasingly, though, large format displays are appearing outside the classroom – encouraging staff, students and visitors to interact with engaging, consistent and relative content, either by scheduling or in real-time.

large format displays in schools

The right welcome
Scalable large format display networks are a key element of school reception areas. Visitor management systems and branded school content can be combined, meaning screens can broadcast visitor greetings, inform parents and students of school news and announcements, and showcase student work and achievements.

By enriching a school reception area with a visitor management and registration system, schools can welcome, register and monitor on-site visits. Software solutions like d|sign enable schools to pre-register expected visitors; print passes and labels; notify hosts that their visitor has arrived; and give general way-finding information.

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Important info
Large format displays can also provide broader school information: from what’s available on a day’s school canteen menu; to emergency evacuation instructions. Menu information can include dietary and allergy advice, as well as broadcasting extra curricular clubs and sports events. Fire drills and emergency calls to action can be triggered in real-time, delivering important information on where to find fire escapes and rallying points for specific classes.

large format displays in schools

Smart timetabling 
During exam time, large format displays can take on multiple roles: from delivering timetable information and seating arrangements to wishing students good luck! In the library, book covers can be advertised, with information on key texts and supplementary resources. Information on lending and borrowing policy is often displayed here too, ensuring students are aware of those all important library rules.

Staff broadcasts
It’s not just students who might benefit from a large format display network either: staff rooms can display key information , targets and reporting deadlines. Forthcoming events can be scheduled and staff can be kept up to date on changes to timetables and class rooms. Dynamic live feeds are often popular in staff rooms – delivering weather reports, traffic updates and local and national news.

Using a network controlled IP system means staff can also contribute to the content broadcast around the school – highlighting key achievements, impressive work and sporting success using a range of cloud-based apps, like those from CleverBox.

large format displays in schools

Some schools are even replacing the daily assembly with a broadcast from senior staff. While this tends to take place within the classroom, it’s proven to boost engagement and general school morale –  and is certainly an innovative and exciting way of capturing and keeping students’ attention!

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