How virtual machines can benefit your business

Virtual machines are a tool that even small businesses can make good use of, here’s what you need to know

Server virtualisation is how a server divides its resources to meet the varied needs of its user base. The server’s processor cores, RAM, storage and other hardware resources are divided into several virtual – and completely isolated – containers. These containers – or guests – effectively convert your single server into two or more separate machines. Each guest can then provide specific services, from hosting a company’s website or email server to providing virtual desktop infrastructure across your entire company.

Most servers run Microsoft’s Windows Server, which employs a specific type of virtualisation: Hyper-V. This is a form of hypervisor, a function that isolates operating systems and applications from the underlying hardware. Hyper-V allows entire computers to be emulated in separate containers known as virtual machines and, thanks to the extra resources provided by high-end servers like ASUS’s RS520-E9-RS12-E, makes it possible to run a wide range of different applications and services from a single piece of hardware.

Benefits of virtualisation

There are numerous ways in which virtualisation is great for businesses. The first is the efficient use of hardware. Instead of investing in separate PCs for different tasks, you can save both energy and floorspace by investing in fewer, more powerful computers, each capable of handling multiple tasks simultaneously.

Virtualisation is also a smart move if you’re looking to move into – or expand existing – private cloud infrastructure. Thanks to the way you can easily adjust and expand virtual setups, it can grow or shrink alongside demand. If you adopt ASUS’s Azure Stack HCI offering, you can also plug into Azure cloud services when required. >>Read more

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