ASUS Corporate Stable Model

How to take the headache out of business IT provision

Investing in technology can be a gamble for small, medium and even enterprise businesses. Who is to say the components you choose to equip the computers of your workforce with will still be supported when it’s time for replacements or repair a couple of years down the line. In fact, it’s usually only when you suddenly need to add to or renew your supply of computer stock that these issues come to light, often leading to a costly update to ensure the new stock can all work together with what you already own.

The CSM programme is designed to mitigate these issues by providing businesses with motherboards or mini PCs with a longer product availability and support lifespan to ensure you need not worry about material supply gaps. Companies also receive warnings like ‘engineering change’ and ‘end-of-life’ notices to help you plan and budget for needed product transitions.

ASUS Control Center

Each ASUS CSM product also comes with the ASUS Control Center suite to help with the IT management of the ASUS CSM products you have bought. It offers hardware and software monitoring of aspects like temperatures, fans, voltage and other hardware stats and enables you to remotely control things like power and BIOS settings, updates and even enable or disable USB storage. It can also help with IT asset management, including software dispatch and device-metadata management.

ASUS Corporate Stable Model
The user-friendly interface for IT-management suite ASUS Control Center

The ASUS Control Center also has an app allowing you to monitor and manage your IT needs on the move. The control center will cover any other ASUS products you have too; it can control and monitor servers, workstations, notebooks, desktops, All-in-One (AiO) PCs, thin client computers and even digital signage.

ASUS Corporate Stable Model
Hardware warnings can be seen and acted on via the Asus Control Center mobile app

Worldwide expansion

The ASUS Corporate Stable Model programme has been running since 2001 and has 1000s of customers signed up to it. Building on this success, the programme was expanded to worldwide markets in 2017 meaning you can now take advantage of it wherever you are around the world.

With the help of the ASUS Control Center your business will be ready to deal with the demands of the most challenging modern IT environments, while having the peace of mind that your businesses’ components are not going to suddenly disappear from shop shelves or be unsupported. Is it time you and your business joined the most established motherboard programme for commercial projects?

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