stay online when your internet connection fails

How to stay online when your internet connection fails

Can you imagine operating your business without an internet connection? Even in our always-on world there are still times when your connection goes down, so what can you do to stay onto stay when your internet connection fails?

It may seem unbelievable now, given our reliance on the internet to perform essential functions from communication to accounting, but there was once a time when access to the internet was a rare and unusual thing. To provide some context, roughly ten million people had internet access in 1993 worldwide, compared to 4.15 billion as of December 2017.

But what if the unfathomable happens and your connection goes down? You may consider this to be an unlikely eventuality in today’s technology-driven world, but a recent study by business ISP, Beaming, showed that internet outages cost UK businesses a staggering 82 million working hours in 2017. That’s an awful lot of wasted time and, more importantly, potential lost revenue.

Avoiding downtime

Internet downtime doesn’t have to be crippling, but staying productive offline does require some planning. For example, almost half of the businesses surveyed for the study said they focused on tasks that did not require access to the internet. This could be as simple as catching up on some paperwork, or arranging a snap strategy or brainstorming meeting to come up with new ideas, or work on creative solutions to existing challenges. Without the constant distraction of mobile phones and email, you may even find these hours are spent more productively than if the internet was working.

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