single-app kiosk mode

How to set up your Chromebook in single-app kiosk mode

Managed use

If you’re already using Chromeboxes throughout your organisation, you can add the Chromebook to an existing Chrome Enterprise. Chrome Education or Chrome Kiosk subscription – you’ll also need a subscription license for your new Chromebox.

Start by signing into your company’s Google Admin console using your administrator account. Step one is to create an organisational unit inside which your target device will reside. The organisational unit allows you to create settings and policies that only apply to the devices inside it. To do this, click the menu (≡) button and choose ‘Directory > Organizational units’. Click ‘Create new organizational unit +’ to set it up with a name and (optional) description, then click ‘Done > Create’.

Next, you’ll need to enrol your Chromebox – this can be done from the Chromebox itself as outlined here. During enrolment, be sure to place your Chromebox into the organisational unit you created earlier.

Navigate back to ‘Device management’, but this time choose ‘Chrome management > Device settings’. Select your new organisational unit to configure the settings you wish to apply to it. Look in the Kiosk settings section and use Chrome’s own comprehensive guide to help configure your Chromebox, including selecting the app you plan to run as well as setting up guest access if necessary.

Chrome devices are incredibly versatile and powerful, click here to find out more about the devices that are available.

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