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How to set up your Chromebook in single-app kiosk mode

Chrome-based devices are very useful for many things and in this guide, we’ll step you through the process of taking your Chromebox and configuring it for use in public places.

Mini PCs powered by Chrome OS, are ideal candidates for single-app kiosk mode uses such as powering digital signage.

We’re assuming you’ve already got access to the Chrome app you’ll be using; if not, and you can’t find a suitable off-the-shelf solution in the Chrome Web Store for your needs, take a look at Chrome App Builder, which can step you through the process of setting up and publishing a simple kiosk app.

First steps

If you’re just starting out with a new Chromebox, there’s a handy quick-start guide online. It comprises five steps, the first two involve performing a site survey and implementing whatever networking equipment you need. In most cases this simply involves ensuring a strong Wi-Fi signal is at the location where you’re placing your kiosk or signage, but if that’s a problem and you’ve got an ASUS Chromebox 3 with built-in Ethernet port, investigate Powerline networking, which can extend wired networks to hard-to-reach places using your electrical circuits.

Non-managed use

If you’re a small business, you can set up a single Chromebook in Single App Kiosk Mode, which locks the device into a single app with no options for modifying or exiting. Once connected to your network, press Ctrl + Alt + K on a connected keyboard to enable kiosk mode. Log into your account, open a new tab and navigate to ‘chrome://extensions’. Tick ‘Developer mode’ and then click ‘Manage kiosk applications’. Type in the app ID or search for an app by name and click Add. When it appears in the app list, click ‘Set to auto-launch’ button followed by Done. Close Chrome, then restart your device to boot into kiosk mode with the kiosk app running, ready for configuration. >>Read more

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