How to protect your digital signage

If you’ve just invested in some top-of-the-range displays to show off your company’s wares, you need to know how to protect your digital signage. Sadly, when you put high-tech investment into public spaces, it’s likely that thieves and vandals will be drawn to it, so it’s crucial to protect your screens from damage, attack and theft.

You may think that having your displays in a public place like a shop or café would prevent people from attempting to steal computers and displays, but the resale cost of the equipment can make it worth the risk for the more tenacious thief. Others, like vandals and mischief makers, may not want to make off with the equipment, just break or damage it, so investing in ways to prevent or reduce the chance of that happening is a very sensible idea.

Fortunately, there are a lot of vendors out there who can provide you with discrete security solutions, so you can spend your time just worrying about the advertising and product and service messages you are sending to your customers. Here are a few to consider.

How to protect your digital signage – Securing the compute power

If you are managing your digital displays using Wi-Fi, ensure that the computer running it is behind closed and locked doors in your office or store room. Half of theft is opportunism, so off-site computers dramatically reduce the theft.

If you are running a display from a PC or laptop located beneath or nearby that display, it’s worth investing in a robust cabinet to store it in. Lockable metal mesh cabinets can look unobtrusive and stylish, and can be bought as part of a display set-up. A little strong industrial glue on the screws that hold the cabinet together will prevent it from being dismantled by people who have realised there is more than one way into a locked cabinet. >>Read more


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