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How to offer your customers free Wi-Fi

Offering your customers free Wi-Fi is much more than just a nice gesture. It’s a way to attract new customers, to encourage them to dwell longer on your premises, plus deliver targeted information using customised log-in portals and redirects that lead to your website or chosen landing page.

Beware the café camper

Take a small retail business like a coffee shop, for example. Offering your customers free Wi-Fi is a great incentive for customers to stay longer and drink more, although we’ve all come across the infamous “café campers” who occupy an oversized table and hog the Wi-Fi for hours with an empty cappuccino mug beside their laptop.

Don’t let this deter you, however. There is evidence to show that such behaviour is the exception, not the norm. A study of four hundred small retail businesses in the U.S. concluded that since installing free customer Wi-Fi, 61.3% of customers spent more time on-site and 50.1% also put more money in the till.

But free Wi-Fi is about more than just selling caramel lattes; by directing customers to your website, you can show special offers, offer coupons and even collect customer data that could be used for re-marketing. Plus, everyone that connects to the service adds traffic to your website. The only question that remains is this: how do you set up a free Wi-Fi service for your business?

Setting up a free Wi-Fi portal

A good business class router should include the ability to set up a free Wi-Fi portal as part of its feature set. Here’s how you do it using the ASUS BRT-AC828 AC2600 Dual-WAN VPN Wi-Fi Router.

ASUS BRT-AC828 AC2600 Dual-WAN VPN Wi-Fi Router
The ASUS BRT-AC828 AC2600 Dual-WAN VPN Wi-Fi Router
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