manage its mobile devices remotely

How your business can better manage its mobile devices remotely

Kiosk applications made easy

One use for ADAM is to set up tablets for single-application – or Kiosk – mode. This applies mainly to public places – for example, allowing customers to order from a menu, enabling healthcare professionals to get diagnosees or patient information, or simply to provide warehouse workers with an easy way to check inventory and order new stock.

An optional add-on comes in the form of ADAM Connected, which simplifies the deployment and updating of hundreds of devices over the web – perfect if your business is spread across multiple locations. Lots of clever little touches prove how well-designed ADAM is: you can alert users that an update is incoming by sending a message remotely, then lock the device prior to updating it. Worried that an update hasn’t taken on a specific device? ADAM allows you to remote-screenshot the device to confirm it’s been installed.

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