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How to make sure your business laptop is secure

With staff working from home or taking their business laptop on the road for meetings, it’s crucial your hardware is protected from a multitude of threats.

Computing security is always a hot topic. Office computers will already be protected against many threats, with firewalls keeping out hackers and security software blocking malware before it can get on to your computer. But what about business laptops that get used outside of the workplace? How do you best protect them?

Physical protection

Any business laptop worth its salt, such as the ASUSPRO range, has several physical protections built in. For starters, there’s the all-important TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip, which provides the necessary cryptographic technology to secure key hardware components.

When combined with Windows’ BitLocker encryption, not only is a laptop password-protected at initial startup (before Windows itself starts to load), but the hard drive is fully encrypted to protect sensitive data. It’s imperative that the entire drive – not just selected files or folders – is encrypted, and BitLocker makes that a simple process.

BitLocker can also be used to encrypt removable drives, so if your staff needs to carry sensitive files on a USB stick, make sure they’ve spoken to IT about getting it encrypted before they travel. >>Read more


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