How to integrate your laptop into an office desktop environment

Laptops aren’t just for use on the go, they are perfect for office use too. You do need to get your setup right though, read on to find out how

Modern business laptops like ASUS’s ZenBook S are easily the equal of any modern desktop, which makes them perfect for use in the office as well as on the road. But there are potential drawbacks to using a laptop as a desktop replacement: sitting hunched over a relatively small screen isn’t the most productive or healthy way to work. Thankfully, there’s a cost-effective solution that provides the best of both worlds – for you and your team.

Configure your desktop for laptops

As you know, laptops can be hooked up to external displays as well as other desktop-friendly peripherals. So, when your staff are working in the office, provide them with all the equipment they need for a comfortable – and productive – work environment.

Start with the display: make sure your staff member has access to a suitable business-grade monitor such as the ASUS VZ27AQ Eye Care monitor with all the benefits it brings.

The other ergonomic-friendly add-ons you should consider are a separate mouse and full-sized keyboard – Bluetooth if possible, to avoid messy wires or the need for wireless adapters that take up precious USB ports.

Connect it all together

One potential drawback of this new desk for those who frequently switch between mobile and desktop mode is the need to keep plugging in multiple peripherals to your laptop’s ports. Not only is this a fiddly process, but it’ll slowly build up wear and tear on those ports, shortening their lifespan. >>Read more

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