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How technology can help you with you conduct marketing surveys

What you’ll need from your survey app

Survey apps and services are ten-a-penny, and all should offer the basic features you’ll need for your feedback marketing. These include the ability to customise question types (including logic and branching to react to different answers), the ability to distribute your survey both online and offline, plus some rudimentary data analysis.

Beyond this, you’ll find different tools optimised for different needs. The trick is targeting those services optimised for use out in the field. QuickTapSurvey, for example, is optimised for mobile and offline use, supporting customer feedback and research.

SurveyMonkey is another good mobile solution and offers free plans while integrating nicely with a wide range of analytics, reporting and marketing tools. This flexibility allows you to incorporate it into an existing software platform.

Tips for getting the right responses

While it’s tempting to survey anyone and everyone who’s ever connected with your product or service, you may find you need to target a specific type of customer or user. For example, if you’re looking for feedback on the buying experience, avoid repeat customers (who know your buying processes well) or those who purchased more than six months ago (as they’ll have forgotten key parts of the experience).

Another key consideration is what questions you’ll ask. There are two broad types: open-ended and close-ended, with the latter limiting the user’s response to a series of pre-set answers, such as multiple-choice or ratings.

Hotjar provides a list of over 50 survey question examples to help steer you towards the right type of questions to ask, and the best order in which to pose them.

One final thing to consider is the fact that you’re surveying people on touchscreen devices. Your questions and answers should take that into account: unless you’re able to provide a proper keyboard – only practical if you’re in a fixed location like an event or store booth – you should minimise or even avoid asking open-ended questions.

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