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How technology can help you with you conduct marketing surveys

Take your surveys to the next level – find out more about the best technology and software tools to help you conduct marketing surveys.

Feedback marketing is a critical service in any marketer’s portfolio, allowing you to gather insights from customers and users of a product/service on behalf of a client. The benefits are obvious: your client gains valuable feedback to help steer product improvements and future development, while your customers feel valued and wanted, helping boost loyalty.

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The process of building focus groups to meet this need can involve numerous strategies. Typically, this will include the employment of third parties to put together a panel of users, non-users or a combination of the two.
But another approach is to canvas people directly on the street or from a specific location, such as a store floor or an event.

The new tools of the trade

The days of relying on clipboards, pen and paper are far behind us – by using touchscreen devices you can instantly record, upload and start analysing your customers’ opinions. If you’re setting yourself up in a fixed spot, then an All-in-One, business-grade PC like the ASUS A4110 (with its 15.6-inch touchscreen display) is a perfect solution for your customers to record their answers.

If you’re on the street canvassing opinion, then obviously a mobile solution is essential. Look for a business-grade tablet that can serve kiosk applications, allowing it to be locked to a single application so users can’t inadvertently stray from the survey.

ASUS M Series tablets offer 7- or 10-inch screens to fit the bill perfectly. Choose an LTE option and you’ll be able to upload your responses from the field for ongoing analysis.

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