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How cloud technology helps reduce admin

It’s the small tasks that add up and eat away at productivity. According to a survey by Sage, administrative tasks, from chasing late payments to managing payroll, cost SMEs £35,600 and a whopping 71 days a year to manage. A worrying 40% of UK companies admitted that they struggle to reduce admin in order to make the savings needed to keep them competitive.

Saving time and money

So, how can employees be freed up to spend more time growing the business and attracting customers? There are two potential solutions: outsourcing or moving to the cloud, converting manual processes to technology ones, via a process known as digitalisation. Of these, outsourcing was by far the option most preferred by SMEs, with just 39% saying they planned to reduce admin costs through the use of technology. But is that the best option?

There’s no doubt that outsourcing can be a good solution for companies too small to have dedicated IT, HR or finance departments. After all, specialists can handle jobs quickly, navigate their way through the legislative red tape with ease and avoid fines and penalties for missed deadlines.

However, outsourcing isn’t necessarily the quick fix it’s perceived to be, due to the work needed to identify tasks to outsource, prepare files, sort out legal issues and find the ideal business partner. Nor is outsourcing always feasible for cash-poor businesses, as it’s an additional expense where the benefits may not be felt immediately.

Embracing the cloud

Instead, rather than outsourcing, many small companies can reduce admin by embracing technology and moving away from manual administration.

The main choice is to embrace the cloud, shifting away from local software and processes. Cloud comes in many forms, but it’s possible to start small. For example, sharing documents between employees and departments is far more convenient than emailing files around, or using printed documents. This doesn’t have to be expensive, either, with G-Suite users having access to Google Drive and Office 365 subscribers gaining access to the cloud at no extra cost.

Beyond that, there are specialist cloud apps for practically every service from accountancy to CRM. Switching to a cloud app reduces the admin burden of running an onsite system, with security updates, maintenance and other tasks all managed externally.

And, cloud apps are designed so that you can easily add or remove users to suit demand, making them extremely flexible without having to worry about upgrading any infrastructure.

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