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How to choose the right event display solution

Set up an unattended wall panel

If you need a simple, flexible and all-in-one solution for displaying images or video on a wall – landscape or portrait orientation – then digital signage is your best friend. Want to know why? We’ve compiled five reasons why it beats print here.

If the idea of getting content on to your device from another source doesn’t appeal, then you should investigate a smart digital signage solution. ASUS’s SA Series offer 49-inch and 55-inch models depending on your need, each with its own built-in stereo speakers and wide range of connectivity options.

Crucially these projectors come with built-in software offering a template-based content building tool with scheduling options. This allows you to configure them for unattended access without the need for a PC. With low-energy LED panels and industrial-grade durability, you can leave them running 24-7 with no problems too.

Video conferencing on a budget

If your needs are more modest, then check out the ASUS SD424-YB 42-inch panel. It’s perfect for those happy to supply their own audio and video content via a plug-in USB drive.

If you’ve been tasked with setting up a dedicated room for video conferencing, then your needs will vary depending on the size of the room you’re setting up. For smaller rooms, a single display like the ASUS PB278QR will suffice, but be prepared to investigate small video wall setups for larger audiences. Check out our infographic for more help and advice.

If you’re looking to wow a larger audience, or are taking part in some outdoor event, then a smart video wall is one way to catch the eye.

ASUS’s pair of TV wall products, the ST558 and ST467 are both suited to multi-display setups, thanks to their ultra-thin bezels and flexible orientation. You’ll also find they’re a more cost-effective solution than regular large displays, more flexible in terms of layout and can of course be expanded further over time as your needs and budget allow.

To find out how to build a digital signage video for maximum impact, click here.

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