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How to choose the right event display solution

Choosing the right display for an event, display or presentation can be tricky. Do you make do with a single display, or do you need a larger screen?

If you’re looking for equipment that will offer you the maximum amount of flexibility on the road, then a business projector is the perfect choice.

If you’re setting up a temporary display, you won’t necessarily need to supply your own projector screen (although it’s best to have one to hand in case the venue can’t provide you with a suitable wall to project onto). For the ultimate in portability, choose a model such as ASUS’s P3B Portable LED Projector, which can run from battery for those times where there’s no handy power outlet.

Thanks to its ultra-short throw lens, you can place the P3B as little as 51 cm from your wall to minimise the chance of people walking in front of it to disrupt your flow. Depending on the projector’s distance from the wall, you can deploy a screen from 30-200 inches in size – the ultimate flexible solution.

Another interesting use for projectors is for mapping images onto objects to bring them alive – see how projection mapping works here. For more help choosing the right projector, check out our handy buyer’s guide.

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