Why gyms should invest in digital signage

The captive audience in your gym is a valuable asset, and digital signage can help you make the most of it. If you are currently treating your resident runners, rowers and riders to a view of a music video station, a static poster or, even worse, a blank wall, you are missing out on a whole host of opportunities to entertain and motivate them, promote your brand and even monetise your digital offerings.

Digital signage software has moved on a great deal in the past few years, so you can be a lot more in control of what is delivered and when to your customers via those displays. Repetitive content and advertising messages are likely to infuriate, but a personalised playlist of easily accessible varied digital content can encourage engagement and make your customers feel you know them as a person.

Make it useful
As well as providing the usual choices of TV and music entertainment, your gym-goers should be able to get access to training guides for the machine they are using. These could include introduction videos, suggested routines, or videos showing you how to avoid common failings. These will all save your staff time, and let people engage with the machine at their own speed. You can even create playlists which provide faster or slower tempo music to match the training schedule they choose.

Encourage competition
These learning opportunities should ideally be linked to some way of celebrating their successes as they progress with a particular training device. There is no greater motivator than a sense that you are competing with others, and in a gym environment it is very easy to tap into this natural behaviour. With user accounts for your digital displays, you can create things like leaderboards, one-to-one or gym-wide competitions, and person of the day awards. This can encourage loyalty, more and longer visits, and even a sense of camaraderie as people get to know each other via the system by becoming ‘gym celebrities’.

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