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Five ways a mini PC can boost your business

Far from being the poor cousin to big desktop computers and laptops, mini PCs can be a powerful driver of any business. Smaller, more practical and easier to place, mini PCs can be a great asset to any company. Importantly, as mini PCs don’t come with a screen, they’re often cheaper to buy than laptops, too. Here, we’re looking at five ways a mini PC can boost your business and deliver big results.

1. They let you put the power where it’s needed

A mini PC is flexible, letting you place it where its needed more easily. And, in many cases, you’ll find that it’s easier to security protect a mini computer compared to a laptop or desktop.

Placing the power where you need it gives you more flexibility. For example, if you want to run powerful digital signage, with full motion video and complex displays, a mini PC can do that. And, it can work offline, so you’re not at the mercy of an internet connection to stream the content. Typically, mini PCs support two or three displays at once, so you can drive multiple monitors from a single computer, sharing that power more easily.

In an office environment, a mini PC can make a great choice for a video conferencing suite or huddle room, providing the power you need without dominating the room.

2. You can carry them around

Do you need a powerful computer that you can take on the road, for work and demonstrations? A mini PC can fit into a bag, and then just be hooked up to any display where you’re going, whether it’s a customer’s office or a hotel room.

In this way, you can carry the full power that you need, removing the requirement for older, bulkier tower computers. And, for users that don’t need to work on the move, but do occasionally need to work remotely, a mini PC is a smaller, easier-to-carry solution.

3. You can re-use existing peripherals

If you’ve got an office with out-dated computers, the surrounding peripherals, such as keyboards, mice and monitors may be fine. As mini PCs are just computers, they can connect to these older peripherals saving you money on the upgrade.

With many models of mini PC, such as the ASUS VivoMini UN65U, you can get a VESA mounting kit, allowing you to fix the computer to the back of the monitor. In other words, you can build your own all-in-one PC for a fraction of the cost.

VivoMini UN65U


4. Maintenance is easier

With the right model of mini PC, your own IT staff can perform maintenance more easily. Whether it’s replacing a faulty drive or upgrading RAM, most mini PCs give you the flexibility and control to manage problems in a way that modern laptops don’t.

Buy dedicated business mini PCs, such as the ASUSPRO E520 and you also get remote management and control software built-in, further simplifying life for your IT team.


5. You save power

Mini PCs use power-efficient components, they’re both quieter and more energy-efficient than their full desktop counterparts. For example, the ASUSPRO E520 has a sound output of just 20.9dB, which is quieter than your average library (30dB). And, it uses just 11W of power when idle: that’s the same as a bright LED bulb. The overall combination is lower energy bills and a quieter office.

ASUS has a wide range of mini PCs to suit all environments, with options from full desktop replacements to stick computers.

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