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Five reasons why digital signage and social media work together

Digital signage isn’t just a one-way medium – the real business success stories are in listening as well as broadcasting.

If there’s a single digital mechanism that’s certain to grow your brand experience while at the same time speaking directly to your clients and customers, it’s social media in all of its guises. Forward thinking marketeers are incorporating social media feeds – and feedback – directly in to their digital display offerings, enabling their customers and clients the chance to give direct feedback while benefiting from the free marketing a positive brand experience it can broadcast to their followers. Whether in the retail environment, in hotels, bars and restaurants, or within estate agent shop windows and upon way-finding and navigation systems, social media feeds are becoming a mainstay of successful digital signage content planning. Here are five reasons why you should start incorporating it in to your offerings today…




It allows you to listen to your customers
There’s no better and easier platform for your customers and clients to offer feedback than through social media. For example, this could be in the form of a digital guestbook at hotels, bars and restaurants – where you invite your customers to post their experiences directly to large format displays. Or in retail environments where  you can ask customers to provide feedback on the in-store shopping experience, and recommend areas of improvement. Feedback is invaluable and social media encourages it.

It stands out
Like most advertising formats, repeating the same imagery and video on a short loop quickly looses impact to an audience. By incorporating social media feeds, you enable your display to be constantly refreshed with new content. For example, puling hashtags from Twitter and Instagram that are relevant to your business is a great way of getting free, interesting and evergreen content that customers and clients take notice of.

It keeps you relevant
Furthermore to standing out, incorporating trending topics into your display signage keeps your business relevant. It needn’t be constantly managed, either. By setting your channel feeds to broadcast specific topics for a set period of time, you can ensure that interesting, arresting content is supplied throughout the day – whether you use your digital signage for wall art and decoration, way-finding or broadcasting business information.

It offers diversity
All out, direct, hard-sell advertising is a thing of the past. By mixing promotional content, with genuinely relevant and interesting third-party content, your digital signage offerings become so much more than just broadcast marketing – they become areas relevant to your audience and its particular interests and needs.

It gets you noticed
When a customer or client has a positive experience at the hands of your brands, you want the world to know. By inviting them to Tweet, Instagram or post their positive feedback, you generate free marketing and a positive brand experience to all of their followers, as well as your own customers and clients.


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