large format video walls

Five groundbreaking large format video walls

From virtual shopping environments, to an autostereoscopic 3D wall, there are dozens of examples of how large format video walls are being pushed in ever-inventive new directions. Here we pick out some of the absolute best, and discuss exactly what makes these installations so innovative.

large format video walls
Nike’s autostereoscopic 3D video wall

Nike 3D video walls

Tridelity – a 3D content and interactive display company – equipped the Nike flagship store on the Champs-Élysées in Paris with a 110 foot autostereoscopic 3D video wall for the launch of the Hypervenom football boot. Tridelity’s 3D screens don’t require its audience to wear glasses, and uses high precision optic elements and five-angle viewing to create its 3D effect with maximum brightness. Research suggests that 3D advertising results in a 44 per cent longer attention span, on average, making a greater impression than a 2D equivalent and suggesting this is a huge area of potential in the future of large format display advertising.

large format video walls
Immersive Google Earth

Google in-store

Reports that Google opened its first hardware store in March 2015 were somewhat exaggerated. In actual fact, retail concept specialists McMillanDoolittle helped Google company set-up an in-store concept area within Currys PC World in London, complete with three large format video walls, one of which is a 50ft curved video wall in which to immerse its viewers in Google Earth, while a smaller 10ft screen served as a digital video wall for customers to draw and doodle on. The in-store concept area is an opportunity for Google to get customers interacting with products they’re more used to navigating on a small screen, and it’s been a huge consumer hit driving footfall and linger time within the store.

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large format video walls
IBM’s THINK data visualisations


IBM’s gesture activated video wall is actually a media field composed of 20 interactive touchscreens. Audiences approaching the exhibit are drawn in by striking patterns displayed on a 40-foot gesture wall, which encourages them to pod and poke at the content, revealing more information through interactive games, puzzles, short films and data visualisations. The wall tells the stories of IBM’s progression, and how its technologies has become part of daily life – visualising data from traffic, solar energy, and air quality to name just a few sources.

GlaxoSmithKline Shopper Insight Facility

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare launched what it described as “the most advanced shopper insight facility in the world” – an innovative research building designed to evaluate how consumers shop and what influences their decisions. The Shopper Science Lab, a 10,000 sq ft research facility in Brentford, contains the world’s largest seamless touch-screen providing a 3D visualisation of retail environments. The virtual retail environment uses a series of large format displays to create different shopping environments, and each screen’s skin and facial biometric tools provide information on the shoppers’ reactions to products and displays.

large format video walls
An Engage Production created conferencing suite

Executive Suite Conferencing

Engage Production installed a huge multitouch interactive video wall for one of its City of London clients who requested a ‘Brand Executive Suite’. The video wall is created from 24, 55inch displays, stacked together to create a vast immersive interactive wall that deploys MultiTaction software to allow multiple inputs and gesture responses. The multi-touch screens are stackable and can work together as a giant screen to process the touches of an infinite number of users, as well as support for an infrared pens for annotating directly on to the screens. Video conferencing capabilities are also built in, turning the video wall into a virtual auditorium for conferencing and presentations.

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