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Everything that you need to look for in your next classroom PCs

The client-server solution for schools

Another option is to look into Zero Clients, which basically eliminate the need for individual desktop PCs. Solutions like the ASUS Zero Client Solution are server-client configurations. All the heavy lifting is performed by a single server, while zero client displays and boxes connect through virtual machines over the network to provide a seamless computing experience.

Benefits of this approach include effortless IT management and a lower cost of ownership. Plus, there are space savings to be gained by mounting the box to the back of the client display via its VESA mount.

Which OS is best for schools?

It’s tempting to think that Microsoft Windows is the natural choice for a school’s primary OS. But don’t overlook the benefits of Chromeboxes powered by Google’s ChromeOS, which again provide an affordable alternative to traditional desktop PCs.

Education-friendly, Chrome-powered laptops are also available. They typically boast a rugged design to go with their large 14-inch screens and impressive battery life (up to 11 hours).

Educational apps for learning

The Google Play for Education store provides thousands of free apps to help teachers and students edit documents, create slideshows and even build websites. Thanks to the way ChromeOS works, students can easily move from one computer to another, signing in with their personal Chrome account to instantly access their own personal apps, documents and settings.

When it comes to choosing PC hardware for the classroom, you need to make sure that you choose the best equipment that will help your students learn and develop, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to do it.

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