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Everything that you need to look for in your next classroom PCs

When it’s time for classroom PCs to receive a much-needed upgrade, here is everything that you need to look for to help your students learn

The importance of keeping a classroom well-equipped is obvious. It provides students with the skills they’ll need to connect with digital technology throughout their lives going forward. It’s known to make learning more interesting and engaging, plus it helps students retain what they’ve learned.

In this post, we’ll look at the key things your IT department needs to consider when upgrading a classroom PC.

What to look for in a classroom desktop

If you’re in the market for upgrading or replacing classroom PCs, then why choose a desktop? For a start, they’re more configurable – and upgradeable going forward – than laptops are, plus often (but not always) they can offer more raw power at a lower price.

The range of form factors for desktops also means that you can find a suitable model to fit any available space. ASUSPRO PCs, for example, offer a slim, compact and powerful Windows machine for your classroom that can be fitted to the back of any display with a suitable VESA mount.

When choosing a desktop, be sure to choose a model with a tool-free chassis and modular internal design to make servicing, repairing and upgrading easier. Better still, look for a solution that ensures you have easy access to after-sales service and spare parts.

What to look for in a classroom laptop

Factors favouring laptops include – of course – portability, a must for field trips or moving machines easily around the school. They’re also a more affordable choice for 1:1 learning, and you can reduce costs further by encouraging a BYOD approach, allowing students to bring in their own laptops.

ASUS provides a range of options to meet your needs and budget in this area. Look for thin and light laptops that are designed specifically for the classroom, with ergonomic, spill-resistant keyboards, durable 180-degree hinged displays and rubber-lined edges and corners perfect for protection against bumps and drops. Your IT department will also appreciate ASUS’ three-piece modular design, which helps with servicing and repairs.

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