business need a server

Does your business need a server?

Servers can also introduce savings throughout your business and you can start by switching employees to lower-powered – and more affordable – ‘thin clients’ like ASUS’s Chromebox CN62. Because the server handles most of the heavy lifting, client computers also have longer shelf lives than typical desktop PCs or laptop, which require upgrading every few years.

Servers are also hugely flexible. As your business grows, they can be reconfigured to add extra functionality, such as customer relationship management software or a centralised email platform.

What type of server should I get?

Servers can be cloud-based or physical. Physical servers are housed on your premises – for a list of reasons why they’re a better choice than cloud servers, see our blog here.

If you’re just starting out with a small business, then a tower server such as ASUS’s TS100-E9-PI4 is a solid choice. This is a self-contained server with everything housed in a single tower case, which requires no dedicated server room and can even be stashed under a desk if space is tight. Tower servers are particularly suited to smaller businesses with fewer than 25 clients or workstations.

The other principal type is a rack server. This is a more flexible – but more complicated – setup, whereby you stack multiple servers together in special racks, enabling you to build customised setups with different servers handling specific tasks if required. Rack servers are easy to upgrade and expand as circumstances demand.

The racks also accommodate all other required hardware, from storage to security and network appliances. Rack servers will usually require their own dedicated room and are best for larger businesses or those with a focus on information technology.

For more information to help you decide if your business needs a server, including GDPR checklists and cloud technology, see our servers section.

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