Do you need on-premise servers with the cloud?

These days, the cloud has it all sewn up, right? Why spend out on expensive infrastructure when you can port your data and services to the cloud, with everything in place and everything up and running in minutes? If you’re primarily online, the guarantees of a certain level of uptime can be a powerful argument in favour of the cloud too, so do you need on-premise servers with the cloud?

Cloud-only is not necessarily the best option for your business. Let’s examine how owning your own in-house server could prove to be a better fit.

Do you need on-premise servers with the cloud? – Security

One of the most critical reasons for picking your own on-premise server is security. How much can you trust the cloud with your – and your customers’ – data? Keeping the data stored locally ensures only you have access to this information. An additional benefit is that the data is immediate and always accessible – even when your internet connection (or cloud provider) isn’t working.

A related benefit for those who wish to stay in control is that you remain in physical control of your backups. If something goes wrong, you can also restore your data without having to factor in the costs of data recovery – unless uptime and speed of recovery are critical, this could be a major cost-saving.

Speaking of costs, while you must factor in the capital investment in your hardware, you’ll save money in the long run and improve cashflow by not tying yourself into an expensive monthly contract.

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