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Underpin your digital transformation strategy with the right IT infrastructure

The benefits of virtualisation

Traditionally, a business may have been forced to meet different business needs using different hardware platforms. Modern servers like ASUS’s Certified Virtualization Servers are able to emulate different hardware and software setups, enabling businesses to bring different computing, storage and networking needs together in one server, helping reduce the total cost of ownership. Choose a hybrid model and you again get the best of both worlds by combining on-site solutions with cloud-hosted services via Microsoft Azure as needed.

Upgrade your network

Digital transformation inevitably involves increased use of networks and internet, and as the number of devices grows, so too does demand on your available network bandwidth. Refining existing connections can only go so far, and so you’ll need to review upgrading your network to support bandwidths of 10Gbps or even more to really maximise throughput.

A mobile workforce

You’re now ready to embrace the opportunities that digital transformation gives you. For example, virtualisation helps make hotdesking a practical option for workspaces, with employees able to share desks and terminals. By utilising shared devices such as cost-effective mini PCs you’re able to make further savings while embracing modern practices such as collaborative spaces. Users simply log into whichever machine is closest to immediately access their own apps, settings and files.

The road to a successful digital transformation is a long one, but if you start by upgrading your existing infrastructure, you’ll put yourself in the best possible position to both address its immediate challenges and be ready for future opportunities.

Turns out disruptive doesn’t have to be so bad, after all.

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