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Underpin your digital transformation strategy with the right IT infrastructure

Digital transformation, the embrace of big data, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and other technological innovations, is all the rage.

You may have already started the shift to transforming parts or all of your business, from embracing a mobile workforce to adopting agile processes to help speed up product development or leverage new opportunities.

For your transformation to be success, you need to support your efforts by putting the right systems and processes in place. This will involve viewing – and updating if necessary – your digital infrastructure, and that means ensuring IT is placed at the heart of your transformation strategy. Read on to see what considerations you’ll need to make and what kinds of option are available.

Types of infrastructure

Digital transformation involves looking at – and upgrading – your network, server and storage. Your IT department has several factors to consider when choosing an approach: speed, reliability, security and how much control it will need over the network (and your data).

Traditionally it’s been a straight choice between deploying on-site servers or switching to cloud-based servers. On-site servers are a good choice when you need complete control over security or where performance is critical. Cloud-based servers are easier to implement, have no hardware or maintenance costs, can scale up and down quickly, plus offer a range of apps and services to encourage collaborative work.

The pros and cons of each approach have led to businesses cherry picking the best bits of both on-site and cloud. Rather than taking a cannibalistic approach, though, choose a purpose-built hybrid solution such as Microsoft’s Azure Stack HCI, which has been designed specifically to give you the best of both worlds.

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