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5 reasons why 2017 will be a game-changing year for digital signage

2016 was the breakthrough year for digital signage and large format screens in a number of industries. Yet as we move into 2017 here are our game-changing, digital signage predictions.

Haptic Touch
Touchscreen technology is great and perfect for any number of industries. But general customers do report they miss the physical integration with a keyboard. The answer is haptic touch. Here, keys ‘pop out’ of the screen, giving the user a sense of physical feedback and interaction. We can see this working well for the retail environment, where customers want to choose a size or search for a particular specific item.

digital signage predictions

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Content within context is the mantra of successful digital signage campaigns. Another of our digital signage predictions is content triggers deliver this by matching particular content types to data sets. So, for example, a shop front display can trigger a series of ads for raincoats and umbrellas when the weather dataset it receives tells the display network it’s raining. The food and drink market would be huge benefactor of this technology, with promotions on particular drinks and food depending upon time, weather and myriad other data elements.

digital signage predictions

Screen to table
In the business environment, digital signage and large format screens dominate meeting rooms and corporate communications. These will be getting a mighty upgrade with the addition of digital tables – effectively interactive tables where colleagues can share and interact with documents directly from remote places. The advantages are obvious and the technology and software already exists. However, enabling clients and colleagues to view and manipulate files directly infant of them will be revolutionary.

digital signage predictions

Network power
Digital signage networks – whether in the retail environment, classroom or meeting room – run from a network; not a single device. 2017 will see more content being connected to the network directly. So when in a classroom, teachers will be able to directly access all of the school’s learning resources and tools; and businesses will be able to quickly pull up spreadsheets and presentations without having to plug in devices.

Virtual assistance
One of the breakthrough products of 2016 was Amazon’s Alexa. The Echo and Dot products saw complex systems simplified by voice activation. Our final digital signage predictions is that business, retail and fast food environments will be revolutionised by voice activation, and numerous start-ups are vying for a slice of the commercial space, while Google, Apple and Amazon battle it out on the home front.

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